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tv   Today  NBC  February 24, 2012 2:05am-3:05am EST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television somehow we made it, everybody, to thirst day thursday, february 23rd. hoda and i are so happy this year. with us today, guess why? >> we're happy for a lot of reasons. really happy about tomorrow, aren't we? >> one day away, baby. >> going back to the '80s. think about the songs you loved. >> i couldn't remember but they're coming back to me now. ♪ dancing in the streets
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>> think about the music, the movies, the fashion. >> the fashion. >> we're going to do everything '80s. we are decking out '80s. you're not going to believe her outfit. anyway, the shoulder pads, the hair, the whole kit and caboodle. keep sending in the pictures. we love the crazy hair and big earrings. >> all during the show tomorrow. you know who has not changed? or if he's changed, he's fermenting, because he gets bet better with thij, this man. our own matt lauer is in the march issue of "details" magazine with a bunch of other -- let's start say well respected and well loved -- well toned men over 50. >> look, look. >> yeah. >> i mean, they have president obama here, woody harrelson, tom cruise. look at matt. that's the one from "people" magazine. you know what, you don't forget that photo. >> no. president obama looks like he doesn't deal with hair issues, or else he gets waxed, but i doubt it. >> there's a lot of manscaping going on. >> a lot of manscaping. >> eddie murphy looks good.
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>> they didn't call frank gifford, and doggone it, he looks amazing. >> speaking of magazines, shall we? >> first of all, kourtney kardashian is going to have a girl. >> is that true or just what they're saying? >> that is true. she already has a little boy. a little girl, that's nice. >> we went to the bahamas, and they came along. >> they did. >> there are some various photos of us in our swimming spanx. and here's some pictures of us with bobbie thomas on the side with the coconuts. >> coconuts. >> that was a fun trip. >> bobbie didn't need coconuts. she had her own. nobody's got a set of coconuts like bobbie. am i right, guys? >> hey. hey, hey. >> oh. >> how do we do it? >> day after day. >> this morning, by the way, if you watched the early edition of the "today" show at 7:00 a.m., it's rare you see kathie lee gifford in the news segment, but every now and then that happens.
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if you looked closely, while natalie was doing the news, there was a kathie lee cameo. take a look. >> a sting operation. >> officer kevin yang on hidden camera taking monster energy drinks, left as bait. he faces a misdemeanor theft charge and a 30-day suspension. as for police, they can proudly say they served and protected their sandwiches. we've got that problem around here, as well, carl and ann. >> are you naming us? >> not pointing any fingers. >> but i'm thinking we need a camera. >> up in our camper. >> now we know who it is. >> oh, my gosh. wow. >> we have a lot of cameras around here, kathie lee gifford. you should just watch yourself. >> kathie lee. [ laughter ] >> didn't even close the -- i
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got to tell the back story on that. first of all, you're the one that lies, cheats, and steals, everybody knows that. i was in the car coming out of my driveway this morning -- >> at what time? >> and someone who shall remain nameless, kathie, what time can you get here? usually 45 minutes or an hour. i said i don't know, why? we want you to do this undercover thing. i go okay. basically, we get here to the city in record time. it's a hard hit at 7:19. so i'm like four blocks away at saks fifth avenue or something, which is -- so i said oh my gosh. rare mornings where i really wanted to go to the ladies room. one of those. but instead -- so i got out a couple blocks away and just ran and hauled it. >> no makeup. >> wasn't my best work, but i was happy to help the first hour. >> yep. >> happy to help. >> we have to pitch in every now and then. >> the news department. >> so there's a lot of controversy surrounding the "national enquirer" and they often -- >> often dip into it.
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>> there was a photo that we are not showing you. it was an unauthorized photo that shows whitney houston laying in her coffin wearing a purple dress. and the headline screams, "whitney, the last photo." now, they're telling everybody it was taken obviously by someone who was at the funeral in new jersey, they didn't say who took the picture. this thing went all over twitter. a lot of people who were on twitter were saying whoever sold that photo to the paper also sold their soul. it would have had to have been someone who was invited to attend the funeral. >> or who works at that facility. you hate to think it was either one, because, i mean, first of all, it's a personal choice, do you like open caskets? >> it's hard. they're really hard. >> i don't like them at all. and i'm glad she looked beautiful. but, i mean, that is such an invasion of a person's privacy. >> mm-hmm. >> and the family's already going through so much pain, to heave even more. first of all, if it's a family
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member or friend who did it -- >> terrible. because you know they got paid. because that's what happens. >> got their own substance abuse problems and thought, that's cash for me. you know, you never know. >> who knows, yeah. >> or i doubt that somebody just took it and gave it to the "national enquirer." >> no. >> we don't know. of course it's alleged. but it is a shame on you situation. >> really is. well, someone seems to be turning the beat around and her name is lindsay lohan, at least according to the judge. >> good for her. >> we always tells you when she goes to court and the judge scolds and scolds. she was in court yesterday and she's apparently on the homestretch of her probation. and the judge who's been her judge for the last year, stephanie saunter, told lindsay it looks like she's getting her life back on track. >> good. >> and her probation officer is pleased with her progress. >> look at that. the lawyer. >> she's been there through it all. >> been through it all. >> and lindsay is going to be hosting "saturday night live" this coming saturday. that's going to be interesting.
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>> that's the only reason she's allowed to leave the state. >> right. >> california, for work. >> for work. >> i hope it's the beginning of a real turnaround for her. one more thing i hope. >> what. >> i hope she goes back to a more natural, beautiful look. it's such a harsh look and she's such a beautiful young girl. >> right. >> she's 25 years old, and it's just harsh. >> yeah. >> and for her own sake, i'd love to -- >> yeah. >> i think people would perceive her differently, too, if she looked a little more like she's not at odds with the world, trying to be something she's not. >> i agree. there is a woman, you guys, who loves -- >> is her name rachel hulin. >> she loves to throw her baby up into the air, you know, hold the baby up. >> she's playing. >> giggles and loved it. she's also a photographer. she decided, you know what, i'm going to snap a few photos of me hoisting the baby up. and then she rare brushed herself out of it in photo shop. >> that's unbelievable. >> it looks like the baby is airborne. >> has been tossed.
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>> she figured out a way to get herself out and -- >> look at that. >> oh, my gosh. that is the flying baby. oh, my gosh. and a pretty tidy kitchen, too. rain if you want to look at more of the pictures. come on. like an angel. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. i see a book coming. >> look at that. >> all day long you could look at these. >> by the way, speaking of pictures, one of our facebook fans sent in a photo of her 9-month-old granddaughter and her 3-year-old golden doodle she thought we'd like. i think that needs to be our next contest. we've had cutest baby and cutest pets. don't you think? >> yes. >> cutest baby with cutest pet. >> tammy's like, please, yes, yes. >> it's a double aww. all right. do you want to do something for me? wait, wait. >> no. let's dance first. we have to spend time on this. >> but your song puts me in a
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bad mood. >> not this one. this will make you want to dance. if you are sitting home on your couch right now and i know you are, you won't be for long. this is a song by cobra style. >> who? >> it's called teddy bears. everyone will know the words because there are only about five or six of them. >> must have taken them a long time to write it. >> here's the chorus. ♪ >> picture yourself on the stairmaster. picture it. here it comes again. in case you forgot. come on. ♪ >> come on. you're not even trying to feel it.
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>> no, i'm not. >> digi digi. all day long. >> how can you put a song like that after you went to see "porgy and bess" yesterday? how is it possible for the love to live in the same place of those two things? >> it does live. it thrives. this is a great broadway show, you guys. >> everybody knows the name porgy and bess, written by the gershwins years ago, and it was originally a four-hour opera. one of the most brilliant pieces of american music i think ever ever written, and i'm not the first to say so. there's been controversy over the fact it's been shortened, a little libretto has been added to make it more palatable for today's audiences who want to go for 90 minutes and get out. well, this is 2 1/2 hours long with the intermission, but it is worth every second of it. >> beautiful. >> it is the finest show we've seen all year long. we try to go all the time.
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we missed it last week because audra, the brilliant audra mcdonald, four tony nominees -- not nominations, four tony wins, was out last week. we wanted to wait. i hear her understudy was brilliant, but it was so great to see her in another amazing role. but the big surprise for us, and it wasn't a surprise, it was such a joy, norm lewis plays porgy. now, norm -- remember, we do everyone has a story. he was our very first singer of everyone has a story here, and he was so amazing. but norm is one of the hunkiest, most gorgeous men you've ever seen in your life. >> he's sexy. >> for him to play the deformed, crippled porgy, i thought, how is he going to do that? here's how he does it -- brilliantly. give him the tony nomination right now. >> yeah. one of these things you see a scene and it's such a little scene and your eyes start welling up because you can't believe what's happening. >> i think we have a picture. debbie allen. >> she was outside. >> and so many others.
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debbie is a terrific director. >> speaking of the '80s, she would have been perfect for the '80s. by the way, she's a light. we were outside and she walks up and she -- >> girl! >> she screams. she's so much fun. she loved that show, too. >> she and i have a long, long history together. our dear friend sam haskell was my first -- i met him when he was in the mail room at the william morris agency. we became great friends. this is back in the late '70s. he goes one day when i'm an agent, you're going to be my first client. i was his first client. >> wow. >> debbie was his second. >> you're kidding. >> we've been friends all those years. sam went on to whoopi goldberg and george clooney and every -- >> yeah. >> left me and debbie in the dirt. no, no. we've all been great friends ever since. i'm so happy for norm. >> i am, too. >> because he's been in the musical theater, world, forever and always great but never had a -- right, jimmy? never had his role. >> this is his role. >> this is his role. beautiful. i'm so happy for him. >> is it okay or not okay? >> i don't even know the question. >> it okay to bring the new
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girlfriend to a favorite place of your old girlfriend. kathie lee says i think it's best for couples to carve out special places and memories of your own. why drag your past into your future? >> am i right? >> yeah. >> and hoda said no. new girlfriend, new memories. we're becoming such old farts. >> we are. this is called a red carpet glamour cocktail, the official drink of the oscars. it's going to be served at the governor's ball sunday night. >> you know what time they finally get that drink? >> what? >> late. >> it's over? >> that's why george clooney took a flask last year. not like the golden globes where they are being overserved the entire time. >> why do they do it like that? >> everything's different. i think everybody sort of has a little cocktail before they -- >> did you like my song a little bit? >> no. not even a dirty bit. i hated it. >> digi digi. >> don't start up again. >> nick jonas is here, and he is the hit of "smash," the great new show on nbc.
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>> got a lot to talk about. only 19, already conquering the world. we'll talk to him right after this.
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at just 19 years old, nick jonas has a resume longer than most of the skirts around here. best known as one of the jonas brothers, nick is getting ready to make his debut on incomes's new "smash" musical dramatic, "smash." >> he plays a child actor who goes toe to toe with anjelica huston's character when she asks him to provide financial backing for her broadway musical. take a look. >> how much do you need? >> $200,000. >> $200,000. that's a lot. >> for those of us not in syndication, it's rather a lot. >> i tell you what, i'll give you $175,000 for drawing, keep it as collateral and you give me points. >> why would i give you the sketch if i'm giving you points? >> if it flops i still come out well and if it's a success, you
2:24 am
get your catch back which you wouldn't if you just sold it to me. >> little lyle all grown up. >> you and anjelica huston sitting on a bed. >> be very careful of that, okay? >> what's it like to go toe to toe with an oscar winner like her? >> she's amazing and a pleasure to work with. our conversation is really off screen it was really great. she was telling me about her move here to new york and about the show and what it meant to her. >> you're a new character. >> i came in and filmed in october. i did it kind of beginning of the season. >> okay. >> it's the fourth episode i'm in. and we'll see if i come back. but it's a fun role. >> you've done some acting. did they help you? did anjelica huston and some of the other pros on the set help you out if you needed it? >> it was really great because i had a connection with the director, who's also a type i diabetic like me, so we were able to talk separately about the role and lyle and define what it was that he was about. and he's very precocious.
2:25 am
some of the other things you'll see, he's a bit -- >> oh, look at you. >> in real life you did four broadway shows before you were 11 or something like that, right? >> i did. with a group in new jersey. it was similar to my character. he knows all these people that are part of the marilyn workshop from his work when he was a kid. >> and i remember seeing you on disney with your brothers. >> yes. >> speaking of broadway, you're on all the way in "how to succeed in business." that is such a fun show. kath and i went and loved it. must be fun to be in that one. >> amazing show. i saw it with daniel ratcliffe back in august or september last year. >> put his whole heart and soul in it. >> amazing. the thing that spoke to me was the way he took ownership of all of it, not just on stage but becoming a part of the broadway community and integrating into this amazing world in new york. i signed on the next day after i saw the show and started at the end of january and now for about 4 1/2 weeks. >> i'm sure it's limited engagement for you, probably.
2:26 am
>> i'm actually here for six months. >> really. >> what's the most challenging part of that? that takes a lot. you know, the tap-dance and the singing, everything. >> yeah. it's interesting. i think the training i had where from when i was younger doing the broadway thing helped a lot because people that come from a different world and try to jump into the broadway world -- >> eight shows. >> really challenging. but knowing what it was and what it is, that was really helpful. and so it's just about stamina. >> pacing yourself. >> this is a show where finch is the lead in the show so he's got to be on top of his game. >> i think the hardest part is yesterday you did a matinee, a show last night, then the getting up in the morning and, you know, promoting it with idiots like me and hoda. that is the hardest part of it. right? the promotion. >> i was watching you. >> there you go. >> he is perfect. >> he's right on, baby. >> trained well. >> a lot of young girls and older women are talking about a jonas brothers reunion. is that in the works? is that going to happen?
2:27 am
>> it is. very excited. my brothers will actually be coming out here and we'll start writing next week. kind of all happening. we've been on a bit of a 2 1/2-, three-year hiatus from music. >> not from each other. >> we're very close. my brother kevin lives with his wife in new jersey so, i see him quite a bit. my brother joe will be bicoastal this year, but we'll take our time. we're all men and want to create a great record for our family. >> boyz ii men is already taken. stick with the jonas brothers. >> thank you. >> you were raised very well. >> yes, you were. >> you can catch nick in "smash" monday night at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on nbc. in the hood, find him on broadway in "how to succeed in business without really trying." still to come, foods that satisfy your sweet tooth. k with 100% fragrance oil. it's something new to brighten your home with two scent levels to choose from
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still to come, how to get over your breakup, get closure
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and move on. >> plus, the perfect red dress. >> and how to have your cake and ice cream and eat it too, while still losing weight. >> sit possible? we're going to ask. >> if only it were true.
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♪ breaking up is hard to do >> there's our uncle neil sedaka. we're back with "today's relationships." if you're like most of us when heartbreak happens you dive right into the ben & jerry's. >> absolutely. grieving is good, but you have to find closure. here to help doing that is "cosmopolitan's" editor in chief kate white. and the author of "be honest, you're not that into him either." a new one. >> a little bit of an older one. everything old is new again, so -- >> sex never changes, does it? >> well, we keep it growing. >> so the breakup is something we can all connect with. it's just what we do after
2:37 am
that's the whole deal. >> women often talk about needing closure. and the problem is sometimes they want the guy to give them closure, they want to meet up, have coffee, talk about it. but he's really not going to be able -- he's not going to articulate what really went on. >> why not? is he afraid to hurt her feelings and just say you're not for me? >> i think more than likely in a breakup situation a guy is letting -- if he's doing the breaking up, he's also letting the woman off easy. he's probably nervous to begin with. probably saying, oh, it's not you, it's me. a lot of that is just not true. so to kind of circle back to revisit that material and maybe breakdown that facade, most guys are going to avoid that kind of meeting around closure. >> i have a couple friends who were broken up with an abrupt way, without explanation and without any contact after that. i mean, i think -- >> by text or something, hoda? >> they met -- the breakup happened and they did not hear from him at all again. there was no -- there was no, like, what happened?
2:38 am
what was it? >> clean break for him. >> yeah. >> but it's hard because you feel like if i had the information it's going to help me know what i did wrong and not make the same mistake again. as ian said, guys aren't going to give that to you. >> what should a woman do? >> i think first of all a woman should put together like her breakup team, like friends, family, people you can trust, even a personal trainer that you can work out with and talk to and keeps you motivated. put together your own little team, your own little positive breakup team. but don't seek out the guy. >> it's okay to stay in a funk for a while. >> you want to have a little pity party, the ben & jerry's, but put a limit on it, two weeks, then move on. you cannot follow him on facebook, twitter, and don't let friends give you updates. >> if you want to be miserable, keep following him on facebook, right? >> why do we want to be miserable? >> it's a wound. you keep picking. >> if your friend sees him out, you're supposed to tell your friends, don't tell me, i don't want to know.
2:39 am
>> your friend is, like, saw bob, he looked terrible. >> i like to hear that. >> it gives you false hope for the friendship or the relationship, you think he's miserable, he must be missing me. maybe it's not that. >> say i really appreciate it but i'm going to do better if i don't have information. if you see him or talk to him, i don't want to know. >> who has more trouble with the breakup, the girl or the guy? >> the cliche is a woman has a harder time, but i have to tell you guys hurt really bad. very often a guy did not see a breakup coming. women, they have lots of shoulders to cry on. they go to their friends, their family. guys, we're socialized to keep it all in. >> yeah. >> so we go home -- >> man up. >> we go home with a pint of bourbon and cry over the toilet bowl. >> one thing in the study said one big difference between how men and women deal with a breakup, women do far more shopping. >> guard your credit card, too. >> avoid breakup hair -- >> what? >> don't get a new hairstyle right away. >> what are the right things? what should you do after a
2:40 am
breakup? >> well, that old cliche, stay busy, it really helps. exercise is great. even making little changes like rearranging your living room and putting the couch on the other side just to feel that something -- there's a little change -- >> the exercise thing is fascinating on so many different levels. you're angry or upset, all natural, but you end up taking it out on a treadmill that's made for it. not on the people around you. >> you're producing endorphins, working on your body and self-esteem. when you're doing things like running and exercise, your mind is processing. >> that's what i'm saying -- >> there's a song, "i look so good without you." >> yeah. it makes you feel like your hair looks great, you look skinny. and when you see him, you can't help it, but you want to look really good when you see him again.
2:41 am
so there. >> at some point you want your revenge. >> yes. >> that's another network. although we love it. >> nice to see you guys. >> up next, color me red. all in the name of a healthy heart. oh, my gosh. i wore red. >> imagine that. [ male announcer ] when do you take 5-hour energy?
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when i'm on the night shift. when they have more energy than i do. when i don't feel like working out. when there isn't enough of me to go around. ♪ when i have school. and work. every morning. it's faster and easier than coffee. every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. -every day. -every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day.
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"today's healthy heart" is brought to you by campbell's address your heart campaign. >> it is time for "today's healthy heart," painting the town red. as february comes to an end, so does national heart awareness month. that doesn't mean the awareness of heart disease needs to come to an end as well. >> instead, celebrate that awareness with a variety of red dresses for every occasion. lindsey is the fashion market editor for "self" magazine. happy to have you back. >> nice to be here. >> it is the number-one killer of women. often we don't think of that when it comes to women. >> that's very true. it's actually 8 million women
2:46 am
are living with this disease. that's a huge number. there are three things you can do to lower your risk -- quit smoking, eat healthy and exercise regularly. >> the basics. let's get to the dresses. our first model coming up is amber. and this is -- she's got a cocktail party outfit on. >> i love this on amber. she's wearing a french connection dress. it's $150. a great sweetheart neckline showing off her beautiful shoulders. and the accordion pleats, a huge trend for fall. we've incorporated these peacock blue shoes. >> what is going on with those shoes? >> don't you love that? mixing the hot color with the cool. very funky and chic. >> and the bag is multicolored. >> an orange ring. like a rainbow. >> loving it. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. next up, serena coming out. >> yes. serena is wearing a dress that i absolutely adore. it is a new york and company dress. it's a steal at $59. and this is something that you can wear for date night or girls
2:47 am
night out. very sexy, totally age appropriate, and the nice ruffle in front if you have a tummy issue, totally conceals it. >> i like that. >> and comfortable. >> definitely comfortable. she's got fun bangles going on, a nice shoulder bag dance away hands free. and look at the strappy sandals. gorgeous. >> i like that jewelry. cool, huh? >> beautiful bracelets. lovely. they're express. >> cool. >> all right. thank you, serena. >> all right. next is our big flirt coming out. janice the flirt. >> yes, she is. see what she has going on. >> wearing a fun and floaty dress. it's $122. what i love about this is it's very ethereal looking and easy. it's a nice silk chiffon overlay, very age appropriate, great knee length, and showing off her arms. we love this. >> that is cool. these glasses are so hip. everybody has those glasses. >> we can get you a pair easy. >> very nice. and simple jewelry. >> and great bright gold. >> i like it. it's amazing.
2:48 am
thank you. all right. next up we have joy. >> yes. >> and tell us about what joy's got going on. >> joy is wearing an $86 dress. what i love about this is i want full-figured women to embrace their curves. falling great on her legs. very flattering. notice the leather shoes. she's mixing the tough and the tender. and a beautiful necklace, statement piece, really bringing the eye up. >> and you say the neckline should be like a "v." >> you want to be able to show some skin. don't be all covered up. show some skin and elongate the figure. >> thank you, joy. >> all right. debbie is coming in next, and she's kind of got the classic wrap going. >> yes. debbie has on a classic look that i think would be great for the office. >> uh-huh. >> love the pop of red color.
2:49 am
it's accentuating her hour-glass figure with a bell. she's a full bust, so why not wear a bold neon necklace? >> look at you drawing attention. >> hello! >> she looks gorgeous. again, it's work appropriate so she's got a pastel bag and neutral shoes really keeping the look together, clean, classic. >> i like how these are all pretty affordable. >> love those shoes. >> let's have all our models come out. >> thank you, ladies. thank you. >> up next, how to lose weight and curb your sweet tooth at the same time. good morning. i'm chris warren with your weather channel update. we're looking at the forecast here for today. the end of the week is going to be snowy around the great lakes. could be a bit of a mess. we're expecting it to be a bit of a mess in chicago and detroit. that's going to be interesting.
2:50 am
the north end looks like it's a done deal. going to see a lot of snow. just south of the city is in question right now, how much snow we'll see. be ready for snowy conditions from the great lakes into the northeast. that next system moves into the pacific northwest, as well. temperatures cooling down behind this low. highs only into the upper 20s and 30s from minneapolis to chicago. still mild but much cooler than thursday throughout much of the south. atlanta, your high only 60. that next system in the northwest moving into the northern rockies. still some showers around on saturday for the great lakes. and the inland locations of the northeast. a mild air as well as throughout parts of the south. but again, not quite nearly as parm as your midweek temperatures. we look at sunday. from the northern rockies into the northern plains with the chance for some snow. places even as far north as minneapolis. high right around 40 degrees, into the 50s and 60s for
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louisville and kansas city. a chance for a few showers here and there throughout the rockies and into the heartland and parts of the southeast. then on thursday, we're going to see more of an organized system move through with a chance of snow to the north and rain to the south, possibly some storms around the gulf coast. by midweek next week, once again another system moving into the pacific northwest and another one moving into the great lakes and the northeast. and remember, on the weather channel, weekdays you can "wake up with al" and stephanie. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake.
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walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta.
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if you've got a sweet spot for sugar, making a few small changes can help you fight your cravings. >> registered dietitian keri glassman is a contributor to "women's health" magazine. hey. >> good morning, ladies. >> all on sugar highs in general, in life, the whole
2:54 am
country. >> the average person consumes about 100 pounds of sugar a year. >> oh, my gosh. >> most sugaraholics don't eat breakfast is what you're saying. >> they don't. and even though the research is not conclusive about sugar being a true addiction, it has addictive qualities, intense cravings and binges. 90% of those addicts skip breakfast, they're famished a couple hours later and dive for that quick rush. >> what do we eat? >> plain yogurt with nuts, low-sugar cereal with nuts. or an egg on a slice of whole wheat toast. >> that's good. >> fruits are a good place if you want to get a sugar taste without all the bad stuff. >> exactly. >> fructose. natural sugar. right? >> it is. people ask me all the time, what fruit should i eat? i'm not eating bananas anymore. even though blackberries and
2:55 am
raspberries are a little lower in sugar and bananas are higher, it's not the bananas that are making our whole country obese. when we get our sugar, we want it from natural sources like plain yogurt and fruit. >> potassium from the banana. but the lowest is the blackberry. >> yes. but use portion control. you only need about one to two servings of fruit a day. >> how much is that? is that like five blackberries? >> about a cup. >> i don't eat enough fruits then. >> no, you don't. >> you're not with me every minute. you don't know. >> can i ask you, people worry about the carbs in apples. just saying that. >> again, apples aren't making us fat. >> okay. all right. >> skip the candy and have an apple. >> this is what's getting us here. >> what's getting us here is that many people when they try to reduce sugar they take out the obvious, the jelly beans, the cookies, cake.
2:56 am
but the truth is we all need to go into our cabinets and clean house, because many of our even favorite savory items -- chips and breads and salad dressings -- have added sugar. these actually don't. >> the naked ones. this one does. if you do have to go for this, portion about 100 calories in a little small bowl. >> tortilla chips? >> they don't, but many of the pretzels and breads and salad dressings have added sugar. and what happens is we're loading up our sugar and we don't even think we have a sweet tooth. we don't realize it. you will dramatically reduce the amount of sugar you eat getting rid of the hidden sugars. >> come down to the sweet stuff. what can we eat? anything? >> you have your memories. >> a little bit. if you are that type of person that dives into the whole pint of ice cream at midnight, have a portion, a half a cup of the
2:57 am
real thing, or a half an ounce of dark chocolate with your dinner. the protein at dinner will help stabilize your blood sugar so you don't have that intense high and then that crash. also, we know later at night you're hungrier. you'll wolf it right down. >> yes. i know that. don't talk about me like that. >> i mean, you know, believe me, i have clients who i have to rip their head out of that container. >> lastly, what's going on down here? >> not much. >> i know you love that water almost as much as wine. >> i love lemon water. >> almost as much. >> i do. i always like lemon in my water. >> when we're hydrated we won't mistake hunger for thirst. you can drink sweet teas, cinnamon tea, we have a chocolate tea that can satisfy that after-meal sweet craving but keep you hydrated so again you don't mistake hunger for thirst and don't have that intense craving. >> thank you, sweetie. >> always fun. >> up next -- >> come on. you loved it. >> sara finds a baby who has his mind on just one thing. ♪ februany any 5
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we are back with our special series we call "webtastic" where sara digs up the next video burning up the internet. this week's feature stars a baby with a unique first word. >> that is right. little elliott brings new meaning to phrase "bringing home the bacon." check it out. >> bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon. >> it's a little girl. >> bacon, bacon. >> she was 6 months old when she started doing it. and more people laughed the more she did it. >> bacon, bacon, bacon. >> it actually wasn't her first word, but they're going to tell
3:03 am
her it was. it has over 150,000 hits. like the little doggie in the commercial. >> bacon, bacon! >> when kids say it in a high chair. dogs -- do i talk too much? >> yes, you do. >> tomorrow's our '80s shows. lots of surprises. >> don't we have some photos? >> we do, because our facebook wall has some interesting stuff. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is michelle from old hickory, tennessee. >> uh-uh. we loved it. the next one from mindy and julie. i had those bangs, no joke, possibly last weekend. the last picture is from rob in cape coral, florida. >> with the mullet. >> full blown. >> full blown. >> we have the pictures to prove it. everybody sort of understands that the '80s were funny and that they don't feel bad about it. we were all in this together, weren't we. >> thank you.
3:04 am
>> tomorrow, tune in for our '80s show. >> a lot of fun. have an awesome thirst day thursday because tomorrow we'll try out the '80s. >> yes, we will. -- captions by vitac -- >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪


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